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Themed Icon Challenge

One theme, 50 icons

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This is a community for icon makers from any fandom, slashers, shippers and those who just do gen alike. It is designed to give people a challenge, and be fun at the same time. Below are some useful links you'll want to take a look at before you join.

List of Themes, and Application for a Theme

Rules and Guidelines

Those on Waiting List (will be added once there's a waiting list)

Also, you should note that though it's not open posting access and either one of the mods have to give it to you, it is open membership. And, to get posting access you need to be a member. So, if you're going to request a theme, please join up first.

It's been asked if you can do another theme after you've finished one. Of course! Do as many as you want. I'd recomend not doing too many at any one time, but that's as far ast that goes. Do as many themes as you want.

What is this community for?

This community is to make icons, like I said above. Some communities based around icon challenges give you a phew photos or a phrase/song every week for you to make icons from. Some let you apply for a character, or a relationship to make a set of icons for. Most of these are based in one or two fandoms, but not all.

This community is one in which you chose a theme, and make 50 icons for it. Might seem a lot, but it's a challenge. Besides, you're allowed to pick five shows/movies/ect to use in your icons. The link to the precise rules are above. But, basically, it goes something like this:

Theme - Hope in the Dark
Fandom(s) - Stargate, Buffy, The Matrix, Batman (comics), Lord of the Rings (movies)

You then get five weeks to make the fifty icons. About 10 icons a week seems reasonable to me, though if you can do it faster, great! Of course, if a situation comes up that's going to slow things down let me know and I'll give you an extension.

Flaming/Comments/Constructive Criticism

Obviously, no flaming is allowed, though constructive criticism always helps. This said, bear in mind that some people may be new to icon making and still learning, thus aren't as good. Or, they might not have a graphics program and be stuck using Microsoft Paint (rare, but happens).

I hear about people flaming, you're off posting access and membership. If you see anyone flaming, please let me know.